Conscious Sedation : Solution for Painless Dental Treatment

Dental anxiety has always been a barrier to dental treatments.
We conducted a survey of some patients. When we questioned as to why they haven’t come sooner for their treatments, the most common answer that we came across is – Anxiety from the assumption that dental treatment is painful.

Yes, the majority of them were anxious and even scared to get a checkup done but the truth is dental treatment could be painless and there is no valid reason to be anxious. In this blog, we will talk about Conscious Sedation – an easy and perfect solution for painless dental treatment.

painless dental treatment

Common Questions about Conscious Sedation for Dental Treatment

What is conscious sedation?

In layman terms, it is nothing but the administration of a drug in order to bring you to a state of calmness. Also since it is a conscious sedation, you will be aware of the procedures being performed.

What drug is used for sedation?

For conscious sedation, the common drug used is Nitrous Oxide gas, which is commonly known as Laughing Gas or Happy Gas.

Why Nitrous Oxide is used for conscious sedation and why in the form of gas?

Nitrous oxide is basically a colorless, non-toxic gas with a sweet odour and when inhaled, it diffuses fast and produces its effects within minutes.

The effects are – Relaxing and Pain-reducing properties. And since it is a gas, after the procedure is completed, the gas is simply exhaled out within a few minutes which gives a safe margin.

Are there any side effects of conscious sedation or after effects to the gas?

No.As explained above, the Nitrous Oxide gas is expelled from the system immediately and hence doesn’t cause any after effects.

How is Nitrous Oxide administered for sedation?

To help you understand better, here is a picture which shows the mask through which the gas will be delivered.

Conscious Sedation for Children's Dentistry @ TDS Clinic

Is the use of Nitrous oxide restricted to a certain age group?

Certainly not. It is most frequently used in children as they are more anxious but it can be used for adults as well.

Do I have to admit myself before the procedure? What is the recovery period and instructions to follow?

It is not required to be admitted before the procedure.

The Recovery Process Includes –

  • Stay in the procedure or operating room for upto an hour.
  • Bring along a family member or a friend.
  • Some side effects may last for the rest of the day.
  • A day off from work.


For which dental procedures is conscious sedation advised?


  • All dental procedures for anxious and phobic patients.
  • Adults undergoing major and minor surgical procedures.
  • Short procedures like extractions (tooth removal).
  • Wisdom tooth removal in anxious young adults.
  • For administration of local anaesthesia.
  • Children and adults with a severe gag reflex.


With all the information above, we hope that you will not be anxious when you visit your dentist the next time. At The Dental Specialists, we strive to give you the best pain-free dental treatment. No more clenching your hands to the fear of injections, no more fear to visit your dentist – have a happy dental experience.

And if you have a question about dental treatment, feel free to drop us an email.


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