Comparing Tooth Replacement Options, Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Having a missing tooth could mean a lot of problems, from something as simple as unable to chew your food properly to feeling embarrassed and low on self-confidence in social situations among others. However, tooth replacement is a viable process that could resolve your misery and today, modern dental science has a lot of tooth replacement options – of course, each one has their advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we are going to look at a detailed comparison of the different tooth replacement options, cost, advantages, disadvantages and more.

Tooth Replacement Options and Methods

The tooth replacement methods can be broadly classified into the following – 

tooth replacement options

Removable Dentures

removable dentures for tooth replacementThis is an age-old technique of dentistry where missing teeth are replaced by adhering artificial teeth to a gum-colored plastic base/plate. If total set of teeth are replaced using removable denture then we call it as a complete denture. If only some teeth are replaced by this method we name it as a removable partial denture. The actual procedure for fabrication of complete denture includes multiple visits approximately 5-6 visits. This is not that easy for a person to get used to these dentures. Initially, he will face a lot of discomforts to speak and chew food. Later within some weeks, as he gets accustomed to those dentures he can eat and speak better. These dentures require more post procedural maintenance. You need to remove and store them in water daily night before going to bed and clean them in the morning before wearing again. If you drop them by mistake there is every chance of denture breakage and you will need to make new denture again. Over time the bone which is supporting the gum colored base plate starts melting due to the grinding forces that are transferred from the base plate to the underlying bone leading to poorly fitting dentures.

Advantages of Removable Dentures

  • Easy and simple to fabricate
  • Less invasive
  • Economical
  • Can restore your smile
  • Aids in grinding food


Disadvantages of Removable Dentures

  • More postoperative care needed
  • Need to change the denture frequently due to underlying bone-melting, which results in improper denture fitting
  • Sticky and hard food is restricted
  • Denture breakage if it drops down
  • Use of adhesives for additional grip
  • Speech and grinding ability will be affected but after some weeks it will be improved

Tooth Supported Partial Dentures / Dental Bridges

Tooth supported partial dentures are also known as Dental Bridges. This is one of the fixed teeth replacement methods which dentists have been using from some decades. In this technique, we replace the missing tooth/teeth by taking support from adjacent teeth. We intentionally trim 1.5-2mm of supporting teeth structure all around in order to provide room for future dental crowns. Later an impression will be recorded and teeth models are generated. Now in the dental lab, the actual missing teeth will be fabricated and are secured to the adjacent teeth dental crowns. For example, if we discuss in a single tooth missing condition, we will have three newly fabricated teeth, centre one will be missing teeth and the adjacent two supporting teeth dental crowns, altogether a THREE UNIT DENTAL BRIDGE. The number of units in the bridge may vary depending on many factors which will be decided by your dentist. In the next visit, the dental bridge will be fixed with a provisional cement for a couple of weeks to check for any disturbances and discomfort. Later it will be fixed with permanent cement.

tooth bridge used for tooth replacement

Advantages of Dental Bridges

  • Fixed need not remove and clean daily
  • Provide highly natural looking result
  • Post procedural maintenance will be minimal compared to removable dentures.
  • Prevents tipping of adjacent teeth into missing teeth space
  • Time taken for total treatment is very less
  • Grinding forces are distributed to the adjacent teeth
  • Speech and chewing ability are not affected
  • Less invasive
  • Less expensive compared to dental implants


Disadvantages of Dental Bridges

  • Adjacent healthy teeth are trimmed in order to replace a missing t00th
  • Not possible to fabricate a bridge if supporting teeth are absent
  • Chance of supporting teeth to get decayed in future.
  • Bone preservation is not done due to lack of grinding forces to the underlying bone.
  • If any problem arises with the supporting teeth in the later stages, we need to remove the entire bridge and fabricate a new bridge
  • If adjacent teeth are having poor gum health we cannot take them as supporting teeth
  • The number of supporting teeth will increase if the number of missing teeth increases

Implant Supported Fixed Dentures

dental implant for tooth replacementIn order to overcome all the drawbacks of dental bridges, we are now equipped with the latest technologies of tooth replacement methods by using Dental Implants. A dental implant is actually a screw which is placed into the jaw bone where the tooth is missing. This is made of titanium metal which is human body friendly with no foreign body reactions(infections). After the implant placement is done, we then place a dental crown on the dental implant that merges into missing space perfectly. Within two to three months, the jaw bone starts growing onto the implant screw threads which is known as osseointegration. After osseointegration is successful, the implant becomes strong and stable into the jaw bone. So when grinding forces are applied, they are transferred from the implant to the adjacent bone and the function of bone is retained. So the process of bone-melting doesn’t occur. The entire process of implant placement is done under local anaesthesia which is totally painless. Implant actually functions as a tooth root system and considered as next best to original tooth. So friends when you are planning for dental implants, do remember one thing, “CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOCTOR FOR THE RIGHT PROCEDURE”. A well-experienced implantologist who is handy with all implant systems can help you with a lifetime solution for your missing teeth.

Advantages of Implant-Supported Fixed Dentures


At The Dental Specialists, we specialize in dental implants and we offer a life-time warranty for all implant supported fixed dentures for tooth replacements.

  • Not trimming adjacent healthy teeth
  • Bone preservation
  • Prevents adjacent teeth movement into missing teeth space
  • Biocompatible i.e., it will not be rejected by the human body
  • Minimally invasive procedure. The procedure will be done under minimal local anaesthesia with no need of any cut through the soft tissues i.e., pinhole surgery with no bleeding, pain and stitches.
  • Can place implants in the same appointment of tooth removal under same local anaesthesia in cases where the tooth is decayed/broken more than 80% and cannot be saved or with poor gum health i.e, loose tooth.
  • Permanent teeth fixation can be done within 2 TO 3 days (in case of single tooth replacement), 2 to 9 days (in case of full mouth missing teeth replacement) after implant placement, with the aid of CAD CAM technology 
  • Can enjoy the food of your choice with minimal restrictions
  • No sensitivity to cold and hot foods
  • Post-procedural maintenance is minimal which includes regular brushing and flossing
  • Very strong and stable
  • Longer durability
  • Gives you a rejuvenating youthful smile along with improved psychological confidence
  • High success rate
  • One time solution for missing teeth with lifetime warranty @ THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS


Drawbacks of implant supported tooth replacement

  • More expensive compared to removable dentures and dental bridges

Have a quick look at the table given below. Here we are comparing all the possible replacement methods in a more simplified way.

The table below provides a more simplified comparison of tooth replacement options –

Comparative Factors Removable Dentures Tooth Supported Implant Supported
Durability Minimal Acceptable Excellenct
Stability Less Stable Stable Stable
Longevity 2-3 years 8-10 years Lifetime warranty @ The Dental Specialists
Flossing Not Possible Not Possible Possible
Surgical Procedure Not Required Not Required Required but minimal invasive @The Dental Specialists
Diet No Sticky & Hard Foods Regular Regular
Supporting Tooth Cutting Not Required Required Not Required
Time Taken 2-3 weeks that includes 5-6 visits/td> Within a week, includes 3 visits Witin 2-3 days (single missing tooth), 2-9 days (full mouth missing teeth) @The Dental Specialists

Tooth Replacement Options Cost

While generally, the cost of tooth replacement is much cheaper in India compared to that of US, UK or even the Middle East, the quality of treatment remains at par, if not better. To give you a better idea of the tooth replacement options cost in the different countries, we have put together the below table with an indicative cost of various tooth replacement options across countries.

Treatment Procedure India (INR) USA (USD) Australia (AUD) Europe (EURO) UK (GBP) UAE (Dirham)
Removable Complete Denture 40000 – 60000
(USD 550 -850)
4000 – 6000 2500 – 4000 1000 – 1500 1500 – 2000 4000 – 5000
Implant Supported Hybrid Removable Denture 60000 – 80000
(USD 850 -1100)
9000 – 12000 10000 – 14000 7500 – 9000 4000 – 8000 8000 – 12000
Porcelain fused to metal crown 5000 – 7000
(USD 70 -100)
800 – 1300 1000 – 1200 500 – 600 450 -700 2000 – 3000
All Porcelain Crown 7000 – 10000
(USD 100 -150)
900 – 1600 1200 – 1400 600 – 800 750 – 900 2500 – 3500
Zirconium Metal Free Crown 8000 – 12000
(USD 125 -180)
1200 – 1700 1600 – 1900 900 – 1100 800 – 1000 3500 -4500
Single Implant + Crown 30000 – 55000
(USD 400-750)
3500 – 5000 4000 – 6000 2000 – 2500   4000 – 7000
Full mouth rehabilitation per arch(malo bridge with titanium frame with 4-6 implants and 12-16 crowns) 350000 – 550000
(USD 4800-7500)
50000 – 70000 60000 – 80000 30000 – 45000 25000 – 30000 70000 – 90000
Immediate loading full mouth rehabilitation per arch(4 to 6 implants and 12-16 crowns) 250000 – 400000
(USD 3400-5500)

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