Have you ever felt embarrassed about your imperfect teeth and most importantly your smile? Fret not, as The Dental Specialists are well-equipped with skilled Orthodontists & Prosthodontists who are adept at transforming your plain-looking smile into a radiant sparkling one. Know More: Do read on to see how this smile makeover or smile design is […]

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How does Nitrous Oxide Work?

WHAT IS NITROUS OXIDE Nitrous oxide— or “laughing gas” as we generally call it — its one of the lightest and the most safe types of sedation used at the dental clinics. In fact, it’s been used for more than a hundred years. If you have never experienced nitrous oxide for dental procedures, it feels […]

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Teething Problems in Babies and Solutions

What is teething Teething is a normal physiological process involves tooth movements inside the jaw(bone) until the time they come into the oral cavity(mouth) by piercing the gum. The first set of teeth that erupts into the oral cavity are called milk teeth or primary teeth. Teething starts from 6 months of age, while a […]

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When to Start Brushing Your Kid’s Teeth

If you are wondering what is the correct age to start brushing your kid’s teeth, you might be surprised to know that you should start brushing you baby’s tooth as soon as the very first tooth comes out; usually starts with the lower front tooth by 6 to 9 months of age. Benefits of Introducing […]

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Taking Care of Your Children’s Teeth – Dr. Sarika Explains

Taking care of your children’s teeth is a critical aspect of their health and well being and while as parents we try to do our best, we often miss out on small and simple stuff that can help make our little ones smile brighter. Here in this video, Dr.Sarika, one of the top pediatric dentist […]

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How to Remove Black Stains from Teeth – Dr. Sarika Explains

Black stains on your teeth ruining your smile? Wondering how to remove black stains from your teeth? In this video, Dr.Sarika explains in Telugu, how to remove black stains from tooth.   Still have questions about Dental Stains and Deposits? We’d love to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to  request an appointment online , over […]

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What is the right age for children to start brushing – Dr.Sarika explains

Dr.Sarika, one of the most reputed pediatric dentist in Hyderabad shares her views on what is the right age for children to start brushing – a common question asked by most parents.   Still have questions about your Child’s Brushing? We’d love to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to  request an appointment online , over […]

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Kids Teeth Cleaning – Getting Rid of Plaques & Dental Cavities

Sadly, kids do not brush correctly. Brushing twice is not strictly practiced in many families. It results in chronic deposition of plaque on teeth resulting in dental problems like bleeding from gums and tooth decay and cavities. Professional cleaning your kid’s teeth periodically can help clean dental plaques and get rid of any possibilities of […]

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Painless Dental Treatment for Children with Conscious Sedation

Painless dental treatment is a reality today.  Fear and anxiety towards dentistry is a major barrier to oral health. The pediatric dental wing at The Dental Specialists not only has a children friendly environment but our team of expert pediatric dentists to ensure that the children’s visit to the dentist is comfortable and fun. In […]

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