Who doesn’t like to have a great smile? but sometimes that often tends to be difficult due to crooked, misaligned teeth or gaps in between the teeth making it hard to smile at your fullest and also causing various issues like tooth decay  and gum infection. Correcting these misaligned teeth is very important for restoring your smile and overall dental health.

Traditionally braces are used to correct misaligned teeth but they pose many disadvantages as pain, discomfort, food restriction, and making you conscious to smile during the course of treatment. To overcome all this disadvantages a new kind of teeth correcting option was found which are known for their discreetness and comfort. They are practically invisible hence known as Invisible aligners

 Invisible aligners also called clear aligners, are a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects misaligned or crooked teeth. They are transparent trays made of special material, used to straighten out just like braces. They are designed for convenience, aesthetics, and flexibility and have gained enormous popularity over the last decade.

These trays are custom made for every patient through digital scan depending upon the severity of misalignment that can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Clear aligners are typically used for patients who have mild or moderately crooked teeth or have minor spacing or crowding issues. 

They deliver an aesthetic and comfortable treatment experience, facilitate oral hygiene, cause less discomfort as compared to conventional fixed orthodontic appliances, reduce the number and duration of appointments, and require less emergency visits.

Aligners are very comfortable in comparison to the traditional fixed braces. Some of them do not touch your gums at all. They are trimmed to securely sit along your gum line in a ‘scalloped fashion.’ This design makes the trays less irritating and even more ‘invisible.’ 




Straightening teeth with clear dental aligners is a subtle way to align teeth without braces, but how do clear aligners work?

If you choose to straighten your teeth with dental aligners, first step is to get an examination done with an Orthodontist, during this examination your orthodontist will decide if you are a suitable candidate for clear aligners. If you come out to be a suitable candidate then your orthodontist will first scan your teeth along with photos and radio-graphs.  These records are sent to lab to make custom trays-“invisible aligners” for you.

When you receive set of trays out of which each tray will be needed to be worn for one to two week. Teeth alignment in each tray will be little straight than the earlier. This difference will put pressure on your teeth to match that position in one to two week time.

Aligners are intended to make small movements at a time, by applying gentle pressure on your teeth. That pressure is transferred through your roots to your jaws. Your jaw bone reacts to forces by basically moving the sockets, and your teeth go along. The light pressure from the series of trays is how invisible aligners work to straighten your misaligned teeth.

It’s also vital to note that while clear aligners can resolve minor to complex cases, but severe cases demanding challenging movements may be best suited for conventional orthodontics. That way, you acquire your preferred outcome.

Now you can leave the phobia of braces and get your teeth corrected invisibly. You can contact our team of experts at THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS to start your journey for a perfect smile today!!! Our doctors will help you to give the best possible outcome according to your needs.

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Orthodontics has witnessed a revolution in the recent times with the advent of clear aligners. Patients with spaces between teeth, or crooked teeth, or proclined teeth or teeth that are completely out of place certainly wish to get their DENTAL deformity corrected.


Over the years, traditional braces have been serving patients to restore their lost smiles. Metal braces and ceramic braces are well known appliances that reinstate lost occlusal function, cosmetic appeal and of course, leading to a better way of life for the patients.


However, there are certain drawbacks: 

1.Metal and ceramic braces need to be fixed to the teeth surfaces. One cannot remove them.

2.Until the treatment is completed, the braces need to be worn.

3.Monthly visit to the orthodontist is mandatory.

4.Exceptional oral care and hygiene need to be maintained. If not, there are chances of gum       problems, food lodgement, cavities and related issues.

5.Diet is restricted. One cannot chew as he or she likes.

6.Throughout the treatment with metal braces, the smile looks like a metallic smile, with braces  all over.

7.Ceramic braces too have similar disadvantages but cosmetically they too do not achieve the “invisible” demand.

8.If the patient gets his braces by one orthodontist, no other orthodontist would continue the case if patient shifts his or her location. Entire treatment would have to be restarted


There are many more associated disadvantages like ulcers in the mouth, reduced chewing efficiency etc.

All these posed a challenge to the orthodontists to fabricate an appliance that would solve all problems.

The result of hard work and research is the modern day clear aligners or invisible aligners.


All the disadvantages of braces are completely overcome by clear aligners.

1.Patients can remove them easily and replace comfortably.

2.One needs to wear the aligners till the treatment is complete but aligners prove to be a much  better option.

3.No monthly visits to the orthodontist at all, in fact, no visits are required. Just a few visits would be sufficient at the beginning of the treatment.

4.Oral care would be normal, as usual, no associated problems at all.

5.Complete freedom in diet, eat as you like.

6.Nobody can make out when one wears aligners. They are so transparent that they are practically invisible. This is the greatest advantage to the patient.

7.Invisible aligners belonging to certain companies are accepted by registered orthodontist’s world over, so no problem when one shifts from one place to another. There is always an orthodontist who would be providing clear aligner services.

The only disadvantage is the cost of reputed companies; however, that problem is overcome by approaching the orthodontist for discussion.

With so many advantages clear aligners have become the clear choice of thousands of patients who desire and deserve to look and feel better.

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