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Factors you need to consider before getting Dental Implants

Getting dental implants is a great option to replace missing and decaying teeth.  Don’t fret if you’re not sure about getting them. We’ve got a list to help you understand what makes them the ideal solution.  *Continue reading for the factors you need to consider before getting dental implants: Consider the Costs: -Getting dental implants can […]

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The Success story of Mrs. Kochhar

    The Success story of Mrs. Kochhar Mrs. Kochhar who hails from Assam, came all the way to Hyderabad at our dental office i.e. Institute for Dental Implantology, unit of THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS, HYDERABAD, INDIA with a complaint for the fixture of her upper dental Arch. Our institute wasn’t the first clinic that she visited, […]

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Have you ever felt embarrassed about your imperfect teeth and most importantly your smile? Fret not, as The Dental Specialists are well-equipped with skilled Orthodontists & Prosthodontists who are adept at transforming your plain-looking smile into a radiant sparkling one. Know More: Do read on to see how this smile makeover or smile design is […]

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Best Dental lmplants Hyderabad

Dental Implants in Hyderabad HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR IMPLANTOLOGIST?  Dr. Venkat Nag who is an Elite Implantologist and the inventor of his own technique called TTPHIL- ALL-TILT Protocol which shall surely help you with the finest treatment possible make sure to visit The Dental Specialists, the best dental clinic in Hyderabad for dental implants. What […]

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Teeth Misalignment Treatment In Hyderabad

Teeth-misalignment-treatment-in-hyderabad What causes misalignment of teeth?   Crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, Cross bite, Overbite; under bite, open bite. Malocclusion means the teeth are not aligned properly. Occlusion means that the arrangement of teeth and the way that upper tooth and lower tooth fit in each other (bite). Malocclusion is very common reason for visiting an orthodontist. […]

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Change your Smile Instantly with Veneers

Dental veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures to keep your smile flawless. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are attached to the front surfaces of teeth for an immediate smile transformation. They are custom made for each patient and closely resemble natural enamel. Dentists use veneers for cosmetic enhancements […]

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Where can I get reliable reviews on dental clinics?

Looking for reviews on dental clinics is probably the first thing anyone does today before contacting a dentist or a clinic. When you are looking for a dental clinic or a dentist, it is a critical service that can have an immense impact on you, hence it becomes a default choice to look for reviews […]

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Cost of Dental Veneers in India

Did you always want a smile like your most favourite movie star? Well, many of us do and it could very well be possible with a dental veneer. Dental veneers are used for smile makeover and in various other cases to give you the perfect set of teeth. Bothered about the cost of dental veneers? […]

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Smile Designing – Digital Smile Design for Best Results

Smile designing has been gaining increased popularity among the general public today and is no longer restricted to celebrities. As people get more and more self-conscious, they realize the need for a beautiful smile and are increasingly investing in smile correction and smile design. The advent of advanced digital smile designing technologies also make the […]

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