TTPHIL – Keyhole Technology for Dental Implant

  • May 14, 2022

Patient Profile

Name : Sunita Jason
Age : 55 years old
Sunita Jason’s natural teeth nearly cost her life.

Millions of people lose their on-going battles with decay and periodontal disease, tens of millions don’t get regular professional care. She was in her early forties when she visited her dentist for the beautiful smile she wanted….but nothing turned out to be so perfectly done and with in few years she was back to her previous state.


“I wanted to go for a full mouth rehabilitation and wanted a life where I could smile confidently…… I got to know about ‘THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS’ from one of my family friend who got his implant done and he asked me to send a request regarding my problem.” – Sunita Jason

“I spoke to Mrs Sunita the same day I received her enquiry. We shared our personal numbers and emails. My initial concern was to assist and plan out her visit ,stay and most importantly her treatment options, procedures.”
– Dr. Venkat Ratna Nag, MDS.

“I was received by two executives of TEAM DENTAL SPECIALISTS who picked me up from the airport and dropped me to the hotel which I choose.

After refreshing from the exhausting journey, I met DR.VENKAT the same day and he was so friendly soft spoken doctor I have ever seen. He made me so comfortable with the problem I was facing and advised with the best options he could suggest.

I was not much happy with the way my front teeth looked when I smile all the time….even though there were Root Canal treated and was capped using Metal Ceramic Bridge…”


dental implant xray
Surgery was being performed by Dr.Venkat. assisting him was a clinical assistant Sreenu. It began at 8.15 am and ended at 12 pm four Implants were being placed in my upper jaw. Removal of the upper Anterior Bridge was done which was I.R.T 11,12,21,22. Four implants were placed in the upper jaw using TTPHIL key hole technique.

Why We Chose TTPHIL Key Hole Technology For Implant?

  • No stickes, no flap raising
  • No antibiotics required
  • Mild Pain Killers only
  • No Bone Loss
  • Immediate loading in just 10 minutes
  • Can be done for cardiac and diabetic patients
  • 99% success rate
  • Life Time Warranty

“I cant tell you how much dental implants improved my feeling about I looked and spoke. I can smile confidently I have no pain at all when I chew. Its been like a miracle. I cant even believe that I’m able to have these teeth in the back. I am adamant that I made a right choice They feel just like my own teeth I can never think they’re not mine. THANK YOU!!! Dr.Venkat and Team Dental Specialists. I recommend everyone who would like to go for dental implant treatment and also its affordable! ” – Sunita Jason