Class II Kennedy Classification – Maxillary Edentulous Case Study

  • May 14, 2022
Class II Kennedy Classsification – Maxillary Edentulous Case Study : (Missing teeth: 22-28 Upper left lateral incisor to Wisdom tooth, Deep bite: Prosthetic Rehabilitation done with 4 implants with TTPHIL- ALL TILT ™ Technique
and CAD-CAM MLS Ceramic Prosthesis delivered in just 7 days. First time in India did rehabilitaion with Screw retained cement prosthesis in just 7 days.Implants used: Active -Bicortical Basal Grade 5 Titanium implants, 16-22 mm implants placed for immediate Loading. Please check the powerpoint below to understand how we rehabilitated “D” who came all the way from Australia.