Bleeding Gums – A Warning Sign

Bleeding gums are a common problem but it is also a warning sign that should be immediately attended. In this blog, we will look at the actual causes of bleeding gums and the associated ill effects. Let’s try to understand the importance of gums and their health.


gum bleedingGum is the soft skin that surrounds the neck of the tooth and covers the bones into which the teeth are fixed. These gums form a tight seal and act as a barrier for the entry of bacteria.

How do you know the gums are healthy?

Pink is healthy and red is not. This is one thing that you should always have in mind when you check your gums.

inflamed gums

How to maintain healthy gums?

  • Teeth should be cleaned and flossed regularly in order to remove the food deposits from the surfaces of the tooth and thereby preventing plaque formation.
  • Otherwise, the plaque deposited will continue to irritate the gums and in turn they become red, inflamed and start to bleed with the slightest touch (In dental terms known as GINGIVITIS).

healthy gums

Ill Effects of Bleeding Gums

If not treated, gingivitis can progress into a low-grade gum infection which slowly and painlessly will destroy the gums and bone around the teeth.

Due to the loss of bone, there will be a loosening of the teeth (in dental terms – PERIODONTITIS)

At what age gums are affected?

Gum bleeding can occur at any age but is more prevalent in females compared to males.

What are the other risk factors associated with gum disease?

According to recent research, gum diseases are associated with cardiac and respiratory disorders. The picture below will help you understand how bacteria travel from gums to heart vessels and further cause blockage.

There is also a positive co-relation of gum disease with various adverse effects during pregnancy such as low birth weight, pre-term delivery etc.

When do I get my teeth checked or how frequently

  • Generally, it is advised to get your teeth checked once in every 6 months.
  • In case you notice any redness of gums or deposits on the surface of your teeth, it is advised that you visit the dentist immediately.gum bleeding effects
  • If you are pregnant or planning to, it is advised that you visit the dentist for a general check-up.

If you are experiencing gum bleeding, do not wait, speak to a dentist, preferably a specialist periodontist today. Healthy gums, healthy teeth.


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