Advancement in Root Canal Treatment

The newly introduced adaptive system is an advanced anti downtick rotary system that combines the strength and flexibility of the patented TF nickel titanium twisted files with the adaptive motion technology of the elements to help clinicians safely, accurately and efficiently cleanly shape the root canals.

This adaptive system employs a unique adaptive motion technology that puts you in control by delivering rotary when you want it and reciprocation when you need it, based on a patented smart algorithm designed to work with the adaptive file system. Adaptive motion technology changes the motion of the file based on the applied load for better file control and reduced chance of breakage.

Adaptive motion technology provides a reflexive torque control that adapts to your technique throughout the procedure the system first rotates the file clockwise then depending on the load on the file the system reacts and adapts to a counterclockwise reciprocating motion the alternating rotary and reciprocal
motions reduce file stress and avoid the screw in effect that dentists frequently experience with traditional rotary systems. This unique adaptive motion reduces the risk of Intra canal failure without affecting performance because the adaptive motor automatically selects in real-time the safest and most efficient file movement.

Based on its current load adaptive motion technology also helps to reduce the chance of post-operative pain and inflammation associated wit

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h pushing debris through the apex.

Root Canal advancement Root Canal advamcements

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