Which Dental Implants are best for me? What are the different types?

different types of dental implantsThere are different types of Dental Implants in the market all over the world. There are more than 10000 companies in the market all over the world. Which is the best is the question?  BRAND or the DESIGN/ FEATURES of the Implant and its Prosthetic components? Is BRAND ruling over EVIDENCE BASED CONCEPTS?  Which is more important? Restoring Simple Single tooth missing cases??

For example .When we or our children get simple fever or common cold or cough, What do we do?
We would like to visit our Family physician or a Corporate Hospital. ( Major Criteria for Selection: Know the doctor for long time, Reputed doctor with good experience- Online and offline, cross check with referrals of our family and friends, Patient video testimonials, facebook recommendaations and find out why he visited and message him in prior about their experiences, Neat and Clean premises to prevent cross Infections. In this digital world we can easily find out the doctor how he is – Best or Bad or THE BRAND OF MEDICINES HE IS USING IN HIS PHARMACY)

The Family physician diagnoses a particular disease and prescribes medicines to us, be it an Antibiotic or a Painkiller. We believe in him. We trust him.. because he’s our family physician and go ahead…Are we asking or questioning him? Which brand of Medicine or Drug Is he giving to us? There are so many new brands in the world, thousands of pharmaceutical companies – manufacturing the same molecule or composition. Every pharmaceutical company before selling have to undergo Strict FDA guidelines to enter the country and the market.

Now coming to Dentistry: Dental Implants usage are  based on different techniques which are practiced- Transosteal or Sub periosteal or Endosteal or Zygomatic or Pterygoid or TTPHIL Implants? All over the world Most widely used dental implants are the endosteal two piece implants. The endosteal implants can be categorized as Single piece implants, Two-piece implants and Two-Piece Cortical implants The two-piece cortical implants Are having all the advantages of single piece inclines. And two-piece implants They are called the Hybrid implants These hybrid implants take all the advantages from Single piece in plants And Prosthetic advantages of 2-piece implants. As you know that Single piece basal implants have wide variety of disadvantages. We at The Dental Specialists stopped doing them because of their disadvantages.

All the Single piece advantages are with the 2 piece cortical systems. Immediate loading, Flap less Procedures,  No cuts or Incisions , No grafts , No waiting Periods are all with the 2 piece cortical Implants. Single piece basal Implants engage the basal bone because of which they are able to load the implants and give immediate teeth. Single piece basal Implants have more disadvantages than advantages as shown in the above link clearly explaing the disadvantages of Single piece basal Implants at each level. Any technique will have Diagnostic, Surgical, Prosthetic, Laboratory and Maintenance problems. Single Piece basal Implants have the disadvantages at each level.

Dental Implants are produced by lots of different manufacturers around the world. Most of them are based around the same theme in that they are  screw shaped, varying sizes and lengths. They are made of Titanium because  Titanium is biocompatible with the bone. The bone will actually grow on it. They’ll screw shaped so that they can be inserted into the bone and will be stable when they placed the surface of the implant is treated in such a way that it is, cells from the bone and not only encourages early healing but will also maintain the bone over a long period of time.  So there are lots of different connection designs and the importance of these connection designs is that they must be stable over a long period of time as they will be subjected to repeated loading. So an implant is effectively a way of attaching a mechanical joint in a biological. The environment and as long as the materials used are of a high quality and the execution of the treatments is of a high standard implants. We know what works we know which design features work, what materials work what connection designs work. We have now been doing implants in this practice for about 13 years and we kind of know what works of short-term and long-term.     

To Simplify: Two Piece Implants will be done by Graft believers. Two Piece cortical System is done by the graftless  TTPHIL Protocol. These implants are similar to Two piece Implants, the only diffrence is that they are longer engaging the basal cortical plates which give high primary stability for immediate loading which is he primary criteria. Treatment Options when all the teeth are missing?       

1.Graft options  2. Graft less options TTPHIL PROTOCOL

TTPHIL Ⓡ Believers: These Dentists believe in the theory of utilizing Basal Cortical which is highly resistant to resorption and infections and giving complete function

Advantages: Minimal Invasive: Flapless Key Hole Surgery  with 6 implants, No Cuts and Incision,  Less Traumatic and Painful, No Morbidity, No Bone Grafts – No Sinus Lifts, Single Visit, Less Expensive, Full set of 14 Screw retained CAD CAM Ceramic teeth (Retrievable), No Cantilevers

Disadvantage: None


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