Month: March 2019

Dental Care for Children Aged 9 – 15

Here comes the age where a lot of changes happen in the teeth as well as the jaws. This blog will address the changes that happen in the jaws and also give knowledge about the second window for the exchange of milk teeth. Exchange of Milk Teeth By the age of 9 years, generally, all […]

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Did your Dentist Recommend Dental Implants with Sinus Lift?

Over the last decade, improvements in dental implants have revolutionized dentistry. The fascinating improvement in the field has resulted in the dental implants process offering highly predictable results. However, even with all these improvements, there could be some cases where there are some limitations and two most common ones being the lack of considerable bone […]

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Smile Designing – Digital Smile Design for Best Results

Smile designing has been gaining increased popularity among the general public today and is no longer restricted to celebrities. As people get more and more self-conscious, they realize the need for a beautiful smile and are increasingly investing in smile correction and smile design. The advent of advanced digital smile designing technologies also make the […]

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