Screw Retained Bridge Vs. Cement Retained Bridge


Paulo Malo: The Pioneer and inventer of All on 4 technique says in his own words that the screw retention is always better than cement retained bridges.

Listen to him…

Hello I’m Dr. Venkat Nag.   The hot topic in implant dentistry today is kind of an old technique is holding your crown in with a screw or holding your dental implant crown in with cement so it’s cement retained versus screw retained crowns and implant bridges so  that’s the topic is which one’s better.Well the reality is one isn’t better than the other and they should on a case-by-case basis be evaluated for what’s really right for you there are people that are very feel very strongly that everything should be retained and everything should be a cement retained but the reality is I do a little bit of both I do what’s best for my patients regardless of perhaps sometimes what they want or what they’ve read on the internet so let me just give you a some basics so screw retained means that the bthe implant holds in place by a screw there is no no cement that holds it if the implant goes into the bone that’s screwed into the bone that stays there but the crown can come on and off with the screw so we know one of the big advantages of screw retained is retrieveability that means if you have to take it out you can for most dental implants.


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