Smoking and Dental Implants


Question: I am a SMOKER for past 25 years. Can I get Immediate Implants done with TTPHIL technique?

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Most of my patients who are  smokers ask me about the success rates of Dental Implants in Smokers when compared with others.  Clear answer is that there is no problem with Smoking. There is no direct relation between Smoking  and Dental Implants. Smoking indirectly effects the gums if not taken care properly leading to peri implantitis. Whatever you smoke and how often you smoke you are definitely a candidate for immediate load implants one of the reason of course is that you don’t need a bone of limitations you don’t need bone transplant all these procedures which are contraindicated for smokers are not necessary and therefore it is you have the same chance as any other patients if you are smoking even if you are smoking heavily and also this is a question which I get often can I interrupt the operation too small and the clearances of course yes we can give you a break and you relax a little bit you smoke a cigarette and then we continue with the influent procedure with impression or whatever so don’t be worried you have to you don’t have to limit yourself you can just live your normal life and we give you the immediate load implants. Smoking and Dental Implants is not very important in this technique because it is a complete flapless technique and no chance of Infection. Basal Implantology is based on the concept of bicortical anchorage which will allow immediate stabilization of the implant and loading of the implant.


According to the Literature , Cigarette smoking has long been known to be associated with a variety of oral conditions including periodontal diseases which are inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth bone loss tissue loss tooth loss and dental implant failure.  The success rate for patients who smoke is significantly lower than for people who do not smoke the nicotine in tobacco has been shown to reduce the blood flow in the mouth pipe smoking can be worse than cigarettes due to the higher temperatures generated in the upper jaw and excessive tooth wear as the teeth clenched the pipe not only is smoking detrimental to implants it’s also bad for conventional bridge work smokers also experience a slower healing time when following implant replacements if you’re a smoker and considering dental implants be sure to talk to your doctor about any increased health risks. So do not neglect your gums. This can lead to implant failure. #Smoking and Dental Implants

 The reason TTPHIL technique is better when compared to Single piece basal implants or conventional two piece implants especially in Smokers is that
1. These implants are tall and longer implants which have more surface are leading to better Osseointegration.
2. By Tilting the Implants we can increase the length of the implant in-turn we are increasing the surface area of the implant.
3. The concept in this technique is that we are engaging the cortical plate on both ends- Single and multicortical anchorage. Hence immediate loading can be done because of high torques and stability (This is the concept and Principle behind the success rate of  Zygomatic implants)
4. Screw retained solutions which is not possible in Single piece basal implants. ( GEN XT. KOS, BCS, BOI , Swiss Etc)
5. Any time it can be removed cleaned and refixed when required which is not possible in any system available in India.
6. No Cement used to fix the Prosthesis. There fore its clean. Cement leads to irritation of the gums.
7. Final Metal ceramic or Zirconia prosthesis is given for immediate loading
8. No Stitches required to do this procedure because it is a Pinhole technique. No Flap Opening- Complete Flapless procedure- Minimal bleedding- Minimal Anaesthesia.
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