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Year: 2017

Cost of Teeth Whitening in India Compared to USA and Other Countries

Cost of teeth whitening in India is much less when compared to teeth whitening cost in USA, Dubai and other countries. In fact the generic cost of dental treatment overall is much lesser in India, though the quality of treatment available is comparable to International standards. India has some of the best qualified in each […]

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Say Good Riddance To A Gummy Smile.

A gummy smile is A smile which shows more of gums than teeth while smiling. It becomes an aesthetic embarrassment for many people suffering from it due to which they avoid giving an ear to ear grin. A Gummy Smile can be of 4 types 1. Mild: Amount of gum tissue exposed while smiling is less […]

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Oral Health During Pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy have an effect on the gums that can lead to pregnancy gingivitis, which makes the gums inflamed and sensitive due to the bacteria along the gum line. Pregnancy tumor is a painless bump on the gums which may be pink, red or purple. It does not pose a problem in most […]

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Orthodontic Treatment – An Overview

Many people have less than straight and quite imperfectly aligned teeth. The problems that can arise from this include greater risk of tooth decay, uneven forces on teeth, excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint and embarrassment for cosmetic reasons. This is diagnosed by your dentist as maloccousion. A malocclusion is an incorrect relationship between the […]


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda technique where you put oil in your mouth, traditionally sesame or coconut or any of the herbal oils in the mouth and you swish or gargle for about 10 to 20 minutes. Studies have shown that it is actually great for plaque buildup. It gets rid of bacteria, it […]

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Dental Myths Debunked

Know how to recognize the myths from the facts? Well, we can help you debunk a few myths that are commonly believed by the people. Myth: Baby teeth don’t need to be brushed or cleaned. Fact: Decay is possible in baby teeth leading to pain, trouble with eating and speech problems. And in addition to […]

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Advancement in Root Canal Treatment

The newly introduced adaptive system is an advanced anti downtick rotary system that combines the strength and flexibility of the patented TF nickel titanium twisted files with the adaptive motion technology of the elements to help clinicians safely, accurately and efficiently cleanly shape the root canals. This adaptive system employs a unique adaptive motion technology […]

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Why Dental implants?

Missing teeth are bad news for your dental health. When you’ve lost teeth, you leave your gums vulnerable to irritation and your remaining teeth at risk for shifting and falling out. While dentures and bridges used to be the only options for people with tooth loss, a newer solution is becoming the gold standard for […]

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Concept All on 4 Technique

Concept All on 4 Technique: All­ on­ 4 treatment technique for complete rehabilitation of the edentulous (No teeth present in the  jaw), is a surgical and prosthetic medical procedure which is fixed rehabilitation option with  Dental Implants.   All on 4 concept was developed in 1990’s through studies funded by Nobel Biocare in  collaboration with a Portuguese dentist Paulo Maló.   This technique is rehabilitation in the edentulous maxilla and mandible with fixed prosthesis by  placing 4 implants in the anterior maxilla( front upper jaw before sinus and mental foramen),  where bone density is higher, allowing the highest success rate.   The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth  in each jaw and it is placed  immediately on the day of surgery. All­on­ 4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.  This technique is time tested and widely accepted in many parts of the world. Nowadays this concept is copied by various implant companies at a cheaper and affordable  prices. These companies which also give life time warranty on all on technique.    2.Procedure Description of all on 4 technique at The Dental Specialists,  Hyderabad, India:  All­ on ­4  treatment concept provides a permanent, screw­ retained and cement , same day  replacement for the entire upper and lower teeth set. The procedure is best indicated for patients  with major bone loss, tooth loss or decay.   Tooth loss leads to jaw bone which poses the problem of reconstruction of the jaw bone.  Conventional technique requires almost six to twelve months to restore the implants. Moreover  we need to transplant bone from various other parts of the body like iliac crest or skull. Why 12  months is because we have to graft initially and wait for 3 to 6 months till the artificial or natural  bone gets integrated. And achieve good bone density. Later we place implants and again wait for  3 to 6 months till the implants get osseointegrated.     Many of the patients can not undergo transplantation of bone for general health reasons  (diabetes and others).     The All ­on 4  treatment concept, will address these drawbacks because it consists in  establishing a fully customized denture (bridge) based only on four titanium Tall and Tilted  implants. These implants act as “pillars” to the bridge that supports the prosthetic teeth. The  invented process takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding having to use bone  grafts.   The posterior back implants are angled at approximately 45 degrees to avoid compromising the  sinus cavity in the upper jaw and the nerve canal in the jaw. Still have questions about Dental Implants? We’d love […]

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