10 reasons why we at THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS stopped using single piece Implants


10 reasons why we (THE DENTAL SPECIALISTS Team) stopped using single piece Implants. This article Compares the SINGLE PIECE IMPLANT DESIGN, CONVENTIONAL IMPLANT DESIGN AND TTPHIL IMPLANT DESIGN. TTPHIL IMPLANT DESIGN takes the advantage of SINGLE PIECE IMPLANTS – BICORTICAL ANCHORAGE. thus able to give the teeth Immediately (IMMEDIATE LOADING), also take the advantage of CONVENTIONAL IMPLANTS by giving the multiunit connection which is Precision fit making it into a Single Piece after tightening the Implant to multi unit abutment at 25 to 35 Newton Centimeter Torque. This will lead to a morse connection fit – not leading to any more Screw loosening which used to happen before. This article is nothing to promote  or criticise one particular company. This article is related to the design and technique of the Implant and not the company.

1.Narrow Diameter Implants (Conical in Shape) : Very thin Implants. Hence more number (Minimum 8 -12 in each Jaw) of Implants are required to restore full mouth rehabilitation. Threading only at the tip at the apical apart. Hence less surface area. Some single piece implant designs have threads all over but they are conical in shape. The surface area is less when compared to TTPHIL Implants. Same with the conventional Implants. The conventional implants definitely in this regard have better surface area when compared to Single piece implants. TTPHIL implants have the advantage

2.Bone Implant Contact(BIC): BIC ratio is very less- No Osseointegration during the surgery time.  Polished Surface all over- Thin Implants- Less Surface area- less osseointegration. Since they are conical implants and have smooth surface area, the implants have less surface area when compared to conventional Implants. The Single piece implants believes in OSSEOFIXATION and NOT OSSEOINTEGRATION because it engages the bicortical bone at the Basal Implants. TTPHIL Implants have an advantage of both Single Piece implants and Conventional Implants. It has both OSSEOINTEGRATION and OSSEOFIXATION. It compresses the bone during the insertion of the implant adding advantage of high torque stability.

3. Implant retention: because it engages only the cortical bone. Threads only in tip: leads to spinning or failure of Implant in some cases. Single piece compression threads have this advantage but they are conical and have very less surface area when compared to conventional implants which have  parallel or tappered implant design.

4. Need to load the implants for sure if there is no primary stability also (Because it is Single Piece- Implant and Abutment is connected)- leads to failure in some cases. The most important factor for immediate implantation is primary stability. In 2 piece implants the advantage is that we can leav the implant burried which will allow it to osseointegrate ( bone formation around the Implant). This option is not available in single piece implants.

5. Can not be tilted beyond 15 degrees. Sometimes the connection between the abutment and the Implant fixture breaks and the implant becomes useless. Most of the designs in single piece are rigid which will lead to neck failure. Nowadays some of the single piece implants the companies claim that they can be twisted to any angle but the criteria is not twisting. The purpose of the twisting or bending the abutment is to make it parallel to the adjacent implant which is not possible in single piece implants. The precision can never be matched to the 2 piece implants. In TTPHIL Implants we make the customized abutments or  multi unit abutments  in CAD CAM machine to make precise prosthesis. The final output the crown and bridge is definitely better.

6. Neck Connection: Implant and Abutment connection is very thin and can break while tightening at high torques or tilting the abutment to make it parallel to the adjacent implant. Tilting the abutment can never become parallel to the adjacent implant. Imagine the robots doing the precise fabrication  with CAD CAM Machine and tilting the abutment manually in the mouth.

7. No US FDA approval

8. Cannot be loaded individually. Needs to be connected to the other implant or tooth which is not suggested. Need to place 2 implants instead of one especially in the load bearing areas. Because the single piece implants are narrow and some noty having the threads in the crestal surface the surface area of these implants or the bone implant contact ratio is very less when compared to conventional implants they need to be placed more in number.

9. Too much Tilting of the implants is not possible because the implant and abutment is in one piece. Especially in upper anteriors and when there is no bone  tall and tilted implants are necessary to engage the cortical bone- Nasal floor.

10. Palatal placement of the implant is not possible because it cannot be bent. The abutment when  bent can break at the neck of the implant.

11. NO OPTION OF RETRIEVABILITY. The Single piece implants after placement to connect them or to give crowns above them needs to be cemented. This cement seeps into the gum which is irritating factor to the gum which can lead to bone loss. The most important factor is that the prosthesis needs to be cemented.  The single piece implant companies to avoid the complications which are inevitable in any kind of implants cannot be retrieved. Because they are cemented the whole prosthesis needs to be cut for repair purpose which is very traumatic to the patient.

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